An inept magician pulls off the trick of his life: accidentally disappearing a wanted criminal during a police raid. Now he's going to lớn pay for that.

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Juanquini is a terrible magician who embarrasses his kids. But when he pulls off a most amazing trick, no one believes it — including the cops.

Juanquini keeps telling the police he knows nothing, but they keep trying to break him for information. Meanwhile, his family finds him a lawyer.

When a U.S. Federal agent shows up to lớn extradite Juanquini, the local authorities — và Juanquini's family — have decisions to lớn make.

While Juanquini tries to get back lớn his family, they have a sudden run of good luck. Agent Patty Smith consults magicians khổng lồ explain the vanishing act.

Juanquini suddenly finds himself living with Ñato & his family, including a volcanic wife. Meanwhile, Juanquini's family is struggling again.

Agent Smith and the locals can't seem lớn break the case, but Ñato's lawyer has concluded Juanquini is telling the truth — & wants to off him.

Have the police và Ñato been looking at the wrong person — at beleaguered Juanquini — when the real magician has been right under their noses?

The Morales and the Orduz families are in a sticky situation under the same roof. But Captain González is on to lớn them, no matter where they hide.

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The Morales start experiencing the pains –and perks– of living with a criminal and his family. Captain González & Ortiz team up with Lucho.

Janet wants lớn borrow the magician. Brigitte hosts a buổi tiệc ngọt to celebrate Juanquini & Margot's anniversary – & ends up uncovering a lie.

Margot và Juanquini have an idea to help Ñato and Brigitte's relationship. Yurany và Brigitte argue over something that happened in the past.

At a meeting, Juanquini bumps into an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, three unexpected guests arrive at the Orduz's and Lucho unearths a family secret.

Captain González has a solid lead on Ñato's location. The wedding day arrives & brings with it a series of surprises and misfortunes.

After Captain González accomplishes his mission, Juanquini và Ñato need khổng lồ figure out a solution. A new U.S. Special agent takes over the case.

Captain González offers Ñato & Juanquini a deal, but Janet has a plan to make them disappear. Meanwhile, agent Alika has her own agenda.

Ñato and Juanquini set out to lớn fulfill their dangerous quest. Will Juanquini resort khổng lồ his magic? Will Ñato finally decide to bởi the right thing?

Antonio SanintMaría Cecilia SánchezMariana GómezJeka GarcésJulián CeratiBiassini SeguraLina TejeiroJacques ToukhmanianJulio César HerreraCristian VillamilArmando OrtizNathalia Segura