Huawei P20 Pro Đánh Giá

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Quick verdict

Huawei has arguably produced the best phone of 2018 in the P20 Pro. It looks great, lasts an age per charge, the camera is a top-ranking effort, & there's all the performance you could need. The more recent P30 Pro lasts even longer & has more versatile cameras, but if you don't need all that extra - including the added size - then saving some cash và buying this handset still makes it a great buy.Read full verdict

For Stunning kiến thiết with superb colour finishes Excellent battery life A camera that was best-in-class at launch (and is still great now) Impressive sound unique All the power and performance you’ll need
Against No wireless charging Face Unlock still miles behind Apple’s equivalent The notch (can be software hidden Though) ‘Portrait’ bokeh still off the mark Some software foibles
Why you can trust

( - It was just a few years ago we were criticising Huawei for its software & design approach (take a look at our P8 review, from 2015). But how far the Chinese company has come. With the P20 Pro in hand, reviewed here in its delightful Twilight "dipped-in-Unicorn-dust" paint finish, it"s incredibly hard khổng lồ criticise on either of those points.

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However, since the more recent P30 Pro fell under the spotlight due to lớn US-China relations causing some issues, some argue that the brand has been tainted. Whatever you make of that, it"s hard to lớn not see the P20 Pro for what it is: one of the most visually arresting phones we"ve seen in terms of design, while pushing hard on the camera front lớn pursue best-in-class quality - which, as we said in our original version of this review, it succeeded at, putting Huawei on the bản đồ (and, perhaps, making it a target in the process).

After the lacklustre launch of the P10 in 2017 – which was the weakest flagship device launched that year, in no small part due khổng lồ its smeary screen issues – Huawei had a point lớn prove. Is the generation-old device still one worth considering, or is the more recent P30 Pro, or another flagship competitor, the only route to consider?


iPhone X design, but better

Glass rear with plenty of unique coloursFront-facing fingerprint scannerNo 3.5mm tai nghe socketIP67 waterproofingJust 7.8mm thick

When the also-impressive Huawei Mate 10 Pro launched in the latter half of 2017, it brought with it a glass back, which became the trend for smartphones. While we thought the trio of cameras – Huawei"s calling thẻ in the P20, but more on that later – might look like someone had superglued some extras on, in hand it looks great (and better than the "hob cooker" four piece on the Mate đôi mươi Pro or the bump-tastic arrangement on the P30 Pro). Our only real moan about the lenses all being to lớn one side is that the phone wobbles about when it"s sat flat on a tabletop.