Kuroko and Kagami enter the Winter Cup together with the rest of the Seirin Basketball team where they will face off against the rest of the Generation of Miracles.

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Shoyo Hinata isn"t a large guy, but he"s got huge ambitions. Ever since seeing a small player score in a National Championship, he"s been determined lớn become the next big thing in High School Volleyball. Unfortunately, the one time he was able lớn pull enough players together to size a team in junior high, they were completely trashed in their first và only match against a team led by up-and-coming setter Tobio Kageyama.Now, enrolled at the same high school where his idol once played, Shoyo"s finally going khổng lồ get his shot khổng lồ join & play with a vị trí cao nhất team. There"s just one problem: Tobio Kageyama"s decided to lớn attend the same school, và he"s already considered one of the best players in the game. Can a kid out of nowhere hold his own against the King of the Court? Or could the rivalry and competition actually be the best thing for both of them?

Years ago, the East Tokyo United soccer team was a force to be reckoned with, captained by the talented & charismatic Takeshi Tatsumi. But after leaving suddenly to lớn join an amateur team in England, ETU"s record and morale quickly plummeted, their meager status kept afloat only by the efforts of new captain Murakoshi. Now, several years have passed and Takeshi is in town once more, this time to bring the team back lớn victory. But with fans resentful of the man"s former departure, clashing personalities on the team & Takeshi"s unorthodox và lackadaisical coaching style, ETU"s rise khổng lồ fame won"t be easy...

When Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa và Rin were in elementary school, they swam together in a relay race and won the match. As Rin was on his way to nước australia to train khổng lồ become an Olympic champion, the gang decided khổng lồ bury their trophy in a time capsule & retrieve it when they all had grown up. Now, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa have reunited in high school và decide khổng lồ dig up the prize. But on the way there, they run into none other than Rin, & he"s determined to lớn show Haru who"s the best! As a result of this fateful meeting, the three friends decide to start a swim club, along with fellow classmate Rei, và their rival"s little sister Gou as the team manager. Can the gang hold their own against Rin và prove their skills at the Prefectural Tournament?

TagsComedyDramaSportsChildhood FriendsRivalriesSchool ClubSchool LifeSwimmingTournamentsAce of the DiamondTV (75 eps)MADHOUSE2013 - 2015

I want khổng lồ pitch khổng lồ that mitt again... A meeting with catcher Kazuya Miyuki changed the 15-year-old Eijun Sawamura"s life. He said goodbye khổng lồ all his friends and knocked upon the door of Seidou, a prestigious baseball school, intent on testing his own strength. There, he met many proud baseball players who were betting everything on the sport! A classic tale, yet new & fresh.

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Ippo Makunouchi is a loser. He has no friends, he spends his không tính tiền time helping his mom with work, and he"s constantly being beaten up by bullies. But that all changes when one day he"s saved from another beating by Takamura, an up-and-coming boxer. Soon, Ippo turns his life around with a passion for the newly discovered sport, but his new lifestyle is far from easy! Before he can even dream of becoming champion, he"ll have lớn overcome a slew of fierce rivals and learn what "dedication" really means.

TagsActionDramaShounenSportsBoxingHand to Hand CombatWeak khổng lồ StrongYowamushi PedalTV (38 eps)TMS Entertainment2013 - 2014

Sakamichi is a die-hard otaku; he loves anime and manga, và rides his clunky bicycle over 90 kilometers to lớn Akihabara each week for the latest toys & games. Upon entering high school, Sakamichi is thrilled to meet others that tóm tắt his passion, but soon discovers that the anime club is defunct & in need of members. Meanwhile, a skilled cyclist và fellow classmate Shunsuke has his eye on the boy, having seen his incredible speed, even while riding such a heavy "mom cycle." Now, Sakamichi must decide if he wants to stick with his would-be anime club, or join Shunsuke và other new friends for the ride of his life in the Competitive Cycling Club, where fierce races and other adventures await them!

TagsShounenSportsCyclingRacingSchool ClubSchool LifeTournamentsMajor Season 1TV (26 eps)Studio Hibari2004 - 2005

Goro Hondais a little boy who is obsessed with baseball. As a child, he watches his father, a professional baseball player, be removed from the blue Oceans’ main team due khổng lồ a shoulder injury that left him unable lớn pitch again. However, since his son looks up lớn him more than anyone else in the world of baseball, Goro"s father decides that he can"t quit just yet (as pitching is not the only way khổng lồ be able to lớn play baseball!). With his father"s shining example, Goro decides to never give up as well, working his way into the Japanese Little League as a force to lớn be reckoned with!

B.B. GirlsVol: 2; Ch: 11Comic Blade2012 - 2013

Mishima Isami has never been able to lớn participate in sports or clubs due khổng lồ her poor health. Now that she"s entering high school, she"s decided lớn turn all that around. Her goal, inspired by a popular manga, is khổng lồ become a member of the girls" basketball club. She may be little, weak, & inexperienced, but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm and stubbornness. After winning over the other girls on the team with her spirit (though not her skills), her basketball life has begun. It"s going khổng lồ be a tough road, since she is still far behind the other girls in terms of ability, but Isami refuses to give up!

TagsComedyShounenSportsBasketballHaikyuu-bu!!Vol: 3+; Ch: 68+Shounen Jump +2019 - ?

A"high-tension club activities comedy" series that focuses on rival schools.

TagsComedyShounenSportsBasketballSchool ClubTweenerCh: 85Toomics2017 - 2018

Middle school basketball star Min Taehyun goes back to lớn the court khổng lồ win the Super Money Player tournament!

Hasegawa Subaru, who threw all of his youth into basketball, falls to the very bottom of despair when the basketball club is shutdown. Then one day, by chance, he finds himself teaching basketball lớn girls in 6th grade. What is Subaru khổng lồ these girls full of some peculiarity or another..!? A refreshing sports comedy digital book with both laughter và tears!

TagsSportsBasketballSchool ClubSchool LifeFlowlessVol: 4; Ch: 66Everystar2012

This entry currently doesn"t have a synopsis. Kiểm tra back soon!

TagsComedyShounenSportsSchool ClubSchool LifeSoccerBuddy!!! Buddy x BodyVol: 4; Ch: 21Shounen Sunday S2013 - 2015

The very tall Ryudo Kagetora aims lớn be the best basketball player in Japan! He has chosen a formerly famous basketball high school, in order to lớn bring it khổng lồ new glory. He also dislikes girls, ever since a girl beat him at basketball in grade school. There is also another new ace player joining the basketball team, Ichinomiya Chiaki. However, Chiaki was an ace on the middle school women"s basketball team. She becomes a man when she"s on the basketball court, và she was kicked out of women"s basketball team when her quirk is revealed. Ryudo learns her secret, & reluctantly becomes her ally and roommate!