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This case is the best I have sầu ever used by far. The fans on the side may seem counter productive sầu but the cooling is excellent (oh well, I am using 6 A12x25 so I can be biased). Remember that you will have to lớn buy all the fans as it is sold without any.Wiring is flawless thanks to lớn the placement of the power supply at the baông chồng. Also it"s perfect khổng lồ expose your RIG.

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Just phenomenal, super easy lớn build in, looks great, and for the price it’s by far my favorite case on the market

When I first got inkhổng lồ PC building, it was always my goal khổng lồ make my PC look like a brightly lit display case to lớn show off my components. Despite being pretty bandwagon, the O11 is the ultimate manifestation of that goal thanks lớn the front glass panel with no fans behind it. Still, I felt the need to lớn add some chất lượng flair.


There is a reason why this case is everywhere. It"s easy to build in with plenty of space lớn hide your cable mess in the baông chồng. The sliding glass panels provide quichồng access to your components.

Fantastic thiết kế & well done Lian li!

This case is still amazing. Love sầu aesthetics? Building a water cooled pc? This PC case is for you. There are some problems with cable management and it can be a little tricky to assemble. But overall, I couldn"t ask for a better case.

Tried the mini (along with several other cases) & ended up coming baông chồng khổng lồ this once again. Honestly I think this case is the endgame for me, I"m not sure why I keep trying to replace it lol.

The gold standard of pc cases. It might be overused, but I still find it khổng lồ be one of the more beautiful cases on the market. Make sure to lớn measure GPUs before buying as the clearance is relatively tight for width. Cannot fit large aircoolers but it was expected as the focus is on liquid cooling, và it excels in this. Plenty of airflow and configuration for fans. Ample room in the back to lớn hide cable. Definitely recommended.

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