It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Wh Effector Review

Korean skincare is the latest buzzword in town & if you have missed out on it till now, here’s a guide for you to take baby steps towards it. I wanted khổng lồ try out Korean skincare for a long time và after some retìm kiếm decided lớn give sầu this serum a try. This It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Wh Effector turned out to be a pleasant surprise!


Price & quantityINR 950 for 30ml

How to UseTake 2-3 drops and tap it gently on your skin while spreading it slowly on your face & neck area. Use after the toning step of the skincare routine.

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My Experience With Its Skin nguồn 10 Formula Wh Effector

PackagingThe hàng hóa comes in a small 30ml glass bottle which has been painted trắng. It’s difficult to lớn see the amount of product remaining. There is a dropper attached lớn the cap và the kết thúc is slightly bent, which makes it easier khổng lồ get the sản phẩm out when it gets very low. The cap has an additional transparent cover which I personally lượt thích, just feels more hygienic I guess. The serums bởi vì not come with their own box, so there isn’t any information about the hàng hóa except for what’s written in Korean at the baông chồng of the bottle. The bottle is compact và travel-friendly.

Texture & Consistency

The hàng hóa is colorless, clear and transparent. It has a very thin consistency and a watery texture. It gets absorbed easily if applied directly after a toner & dries to a soft finish with a light sheen.

FragranceIt has a very faint smell which might be a nhỏ for some but it’s not that prominent. It kind of smells ‘clean’, if you get what I mean.

ExperienceI have sầu been using this serum for two months now và still more than half of the product is left. For the first few weeks it didn’t seem lớn make any difference lớn my skin, but after a month I could definitely see it did make my skin brighter overall. It also works well for fading scars. I even used it on my hand where there was some scarring on the wrist area và the scars have sầu now mostly blended in. It took some time but was definitely worth its clayên.

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Pros:– Good for hyperpigmentation

-Fades dark spots and blemish scars

-Lasts for a decent period of time for a 30ml bottle

-It contains arbutin which is a natural whitening/lightening agent

-Also contains licorice root extracts which help diminish the appearance of dark circles, discoloration and age spots. It has powerful antioxidants and helps balance oil.

Cons:-It takes at least a month lớn show results.

-It contains slight fragrance which might be a negative for someone highly sensitive towards the smell.

-It does not bleach your skin or make it fairer. It is helpful only for hyperpigmentation & brightening the skin.

-Slightly pricey for a 30ml hàng hóa.

Would I repurchase và recommend?Yes, I bởi think I might repurchase it again. After about two months of using it, I can now say that some of my scars have lightened & my skin is a little bit brighter in appearance now. I remember one day my sister complimented my skin saying whatever I was doing was working. The skin also feels a bit hydrated after use. If you have the patience for it lớn show gradual results and have sầu the perseverance lớn use it regularly, then you must definitely give sầu it a try!