KBS’s “The Return of Superman” chief producer (CP) Kang Bong Kyu recently spoke about Park Joo Ho và his family returning lớn the program!

On the latest episode of “The Return of Superman,” mãng cầu Eun & Gun Hoo made their first appearance in nine months with their new baby brother Jin Woo, who was born in January.

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After the broadcast, Kang Bong Kyu participated in an interview with Xportsnews where he shared, “We were also happy to lớn greet mãng cầu Eun, Gun Hoo, & Park Joo Ho for the first time in nine months. After seeing how much the two children had grown, I was astonished at how much things have changed. I was able khổng lồ feel how quickly kids grow up.”

He continued, “For the nine months they were gone, I heard so many questions from viewers asking when they were coming back. As they appeared with Jin Woo, I could also feel that the family had gotten even brighter.”

Kang Bong Kyu further discussed the growth of mãng cầu Eun and Gun Hoo as he commented, “As mãng cầu Eun is now the oldest of three siblings và Gun Hoo is now an older brother, I think a new dynamic is forming. In addition to the relationship between the three siblings, I could also feel a change in the way Park Joo Ho looked upon his three children.”

He also spoke about Jin Woo, saying, “Some people say he looks like Sarang when she was younger,” referring to the daughter of Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho who appeared on “The Return of Superman” from 2013 khổng lồ 2016.

With regards khổng lồ the siblings’ appearance on the program moving forward, Kang Bong Kyu answered, “Nothing has been specifically outlined. When they spend time with Park Joo Hoo, we go & film. We plan khổng lồ film his time with the kids diligently.”

In an interview with News1, Kang Bong Gyu spoke more in-depth about the children.

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He commented, “Since we filmed for the first time in awhile, it was awkward for the kids at first. However, they became comfortable very quickly.” The CP added, “When Gun Hoo was a baby, he had a lot of energy. Now that he can move around more, he’s got that much more energy.”

Kang Bong Gyu explained that their baby brother Jin Woo is always smiling, explaining, “Jin Woo is truly so gentle. There’s a lineage of gentle babies from ‘The Return of Superman’ & Jin Woo is the màn chơi of Daebak.” Daebak’s real name is Lee ham mê An & is one of soccer player Lee Dong Gook‘s five children. During the family’s appearance on “The Return of Superman” between 2015 and 2019, Daebak was well-known for being very gentle & rarely crying, even as a baby.

He continued, “Jin Woo does not cry at typical things, to the point where it’s impressive. I think that’s why his siblings give him so much love. Please look forward khổng lồ how na Eun & Gun Hoo change with their family’s newest addition as well as their relationship with Jin Woo. I hope they grow up to lớn be bright and healthy.”

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