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T&C for Device Return","changePlanTypeTag":"CHANGE PLAN","loanPayOffLabel":"Own it making 1 payment today","cpSubpackagesCountText":"Plan changes for subpackagesCPCount devices","actionsYesLabel":"Yes","actionsFirstMonthEstimatesLabel":"First Month","actionsTotalAmountDue":"Total Amount Due","actionsNoLabel":"No","itemsDeviceBYODIMEIDLabel":"IMEID","deletePackagesImagePath":"/content/dam/buygenericlist.com/north-america/usa/en/icons/cart-edit.svg","buyOutForLeasePriceLabel":"Purchase option","changeInPaymentOptionErrorMessage":"The financing option you previously selected is no longer available.","costsPriceFirstMonth":"First Month","loadAccessorySKU":610214668158,"costsExcludesSurchargesLabel":"Monthly charges và equipment costs exclude surcharges, taxes & fees.

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","changePlanImagePath":"/conf/boostmobile-shop/settings/dam/cfm/models","CART_TAX_ERROR_CAL_STORE_TAX":"We’re sorry, but there’s a problem. The good news is that it can resolved quickly by contacting us via chat or calling customer service. ","CART_VIOLATES_UNDETERMINISTIC_TI_TE_RULE":"Oops, something went wrong! Please try again.","saveCartError":"Sorry, we're unable to lớn save your cart. Please call us at 1-844-279-5533","saveCartSaved":"Your cart has been saved.","submitButtonText":"Update","costsSurchargeWhiteBYODLabel":" ","actionsViewFullCartLabel":"View full cart","turnInForLeaseDescription":"Return device và pay lease balance lớn upgrade","actionsPromptRemoveAccessoryLabel":"Remove This Accessory?","customEndDateTimeInDays":0,"itemsDeviceMemoryLabel":"Size","submitOrderButtonText":"Submit Order","headerTitleCheckout":"Summary","upgradeTypeTag":"UPGRADE","loanGiveBackAnotherDeviceLabel":"Return instead","buyOutForLeaseDescription":"Pay via one lump sum.","xvGiftsLocalStorageExpiry":30,"actionsCancelLabel":"Cancel","planCreditsLabel":"Plan Credits","deviceTurnInTermsModalContent":"



","itemsDeviceLeaseAmount":"One time charge","costsShippingFeeLabel":"Shipping fee","actionsOverflowLabel":"Includes overflow of service credits.","continuePaymentsLabel":"Continue Payments","actionsPromptRemoveProtectionPlanLabel":"Are you sure you want to lớn remove protection for your device? If something happens to lớn your device you might have lớn pay up to lớn ","reviewpageURL":"/en/my-buygenericlist.com/change-plans.html?INTNAV=TopNav:MyS:Changeplan#/change-plans/plan-interstitial","actionsEmptyCartLabel":"Empty cart","costsFeesBasedOnLabel":"Fees based on your","jodTurnInActiveDeviceReminderText":"The Early nâng cấp program requires you to return the deviceTitle that you purchased.","errorRetrievingCart":"We were unable to lớn find a cart with that thư điện tử address or phone number.","leaseTurnInReminderText":" Remember, you will need to return your current deviceTitle","actionsMonthsTwoThroughSixEstimatesSubLabel":"Estimate until your installment is paid off","oosText":"NO STOCK","removedServicesTextLabel":"Discontinued Services","actionsViewDetailsLabel":"View details","costsZipCodeLabel":"ZIP code.","pposubsequentMonthlyprice":"Monthly estimate after you pay off your lease = subsequentMonthlyPrice","actionsFreeShippingDisclaimerTooltipContent":"Need Another Delivery Option? Choose from other delivery options during checkout. In-store pickup qualification depends on all items in your order being available.","awaitingActivationLabel":"Awaiting Activation","HC_OFFER_PRICING_RECORDS_STALE":"Prices vày not reflect your cart changes. Correct pricing will appear after you go through checkout.","cartOmniCreditRecurringLabel":"Monthly credits","inReturnModalBody":"Visit a buygenericlist.com Store, where a representative will look at your device and nhận xét your options*.


Mail it lớn us, using the return kit we’ll send with your new device.

If you don’t return your old device within 30 days, any remaining payments or lease amount on your device will be charged lớn your next bill.

*If your device is not in good working condition, you can repair it before returning it lớn buygenericlist.com lớn avoid a damage fee. The damage fee may be up to the purchase option price as found in your lease agreement.

buygenericlist.com Complete customers: If you have only a cracked front screen damage và have coverage available, an accidental damage from handling (ADH) claim may be filed with a Service Fee upon your device return.

","purchasePlanOptionTitle":"Your Previous Device","newDeviceLabel":"What would you lượt thích to bởi with your current deviceTitle?","newPlanTextLabel":"New Plan for","PACKAGE_PLAN_CHANGE_REQUIRED_AFTER_UPGRADE":"We're sorry, but your device won't work with your current plan.

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Click here to change plan now or you can change during activation. ","costsPriceMonthly":"Monthly","monthlyTextLabel":"Monthly","cartPricingImpactStatusText":"New items you've added to lớn the cart have affected the pricing of previous items you added.","createPPOIBMonthlyPrice":"Monthly","contractCancellationText":"By selecting this option, you’ll be canceling your previous agreement for buying your old phone on an installment plan. ","retainPPOIBBody":"Keep your agreement to lớn own your current phone, making contractTerminationDurationInMonths monthly installments that starts on","actionsCheckoutLabelTop":"Checkout","itemsDeviceViewDetailsLabel":"View details","cartOmniCreditOneTimeLabel":"One-time credits + waived fees","itemsDeviceDepositLabel":"Deposit amount","actionsMonthsSevenPlusEstimatesLabel":"Months 10+","itemsDeviceBYODPackagedSimLabel":"SIM card","redirectChangePlanUrl":"/content/buygenericlist.com/buygenericlist.com_com/us/en/my-buygenericlist.com/change-plan-confirmation-page.html?cartId=cartId","colorUpdateButtonText":"Update","createPPOIBBody":"Split the remaining balance into contractTerminationDurationInMonths monthly payments khổng lồ own the device.","loanGiveBackTodaysPrice":"Due Today","saveCartButtonLabel":"Save Cart","HAS_SUBSCRIBERS_WITH_UNMATCHED_TI_TE_WITH_CART":"

To Continue you are required to lớn manage the plans on your other lines. Manage Now

","newServicesTextLabel":"New Services","retrieveLoadingLabel":"Retrieving your cart","actionsOverflowTooltip":"The total amount of any service discount, service credit, or AutoPay can only be applied toward the monthly “services” on your account.","HAS_EXCEEDED_TI_TE_VALIDATION_PACKAGE_LI":"Oops, something went wrong! Please try again.","zipCodeNote":"Note: If you already have items in your cart, updating your ZIP may affect these","actionsFirstMonthEstimatesSubLabel":"Includes one-time credits and fees","enableSaveCartProspectEmail":true,"actionsPromptRemoveServiceLabel":"Are you sure you want lớn remove this service from your device?","serviceDepositModalLabel":"What's this?","deviceUpgradePaymentTradeinLabel":"Trade-in Current Device","excludesTaxesAndFeesTextLabel":"Other mo. Charges apply.**","costsExcludesSurchargesBYODLabel":"Your total does not include other charges you will need to lớn pay monthly, such as taxes và fees (including a $1.99/mo./line admin fee).","successRetrievingCart":"Get Cart - Successfully Retrieved","actionsPromptRemoveDeviceSubtext":"Just checking! If you remove this item, you’ll thua kém the selections you’ve made & might miss out on a great deal.","todayTextLabel":"Today","accessoriesOnlyTypeTag":"ACCESSORIES","errorValueMissing":"Your ZIP Code is required.","leaseTurnInAnotherDeviceLabel":"Return instead","retrieveCartEmptyLabel":"Your Cart Is Empty","settingsReferenceURL":"/content/buygenericlist.com/buygenericlist.com_com/us/en/shop/cart/jcr:content/bodypar/cartauthoring","cartOmniCreditNoticeLabel":"Applied within 3 bills","actionsTakeChancesLabel":"I'll take my chances","redirectUrlText":"/content/buygenericlist.com/buygenericlist.com_com/us/en/shop/cart.html","CART_TAX_ERROR_INTERNAL_EXCEPTION":"We’re sorry, but there’s a problem. The good news is that it can resolved quickly by contacting us via chat or calling customer service. ","removedLabel":"Removed:","virtualLineTag":"YOUR VIRTUAL LINE","costsPPOIBMonthly":"Months 2 - 9","noReturnFeeBody":"Probably not what you want to lớn hear, but your current phone isn’t eligible for return. Before you can upgrade, you’ll need khổng lồ pay a non-return fee và you can keep that phone.","jodRedemptionText":"Early tăng cấp Redemption","headerTitleNotCheckout":"Your Cart","cartOmniCreditTotalSavingsLabel":"Total Savings","associateGoLabel":"Go","actionsPromptRemoveDeviceLabel":"Remove thành quả From Cart?","costSpendingLimitFeeLabel":"Spending Limit Fee","PLAN_PRODUCT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED":"We apologize, you’ve reached EWD program limitations on your EWD account. As a reminder, employees are allowed on their trương mục one $0 EWD Wireless Discount plan, one 20GB Tablet plan, one 20GB thiết bị di động Broadband plan, và one EWD Apple/Samsung Watch plan. In addition, EWD accounts are allowed 1 Airave & 1 MagicBox. Total lines on the EWD trương mục cannot exceed 10 lines, including partner lines và family lines. Please adjust your cart accordingly. If you feel you have received the message in error, please thư điện tử employeephoneprograms

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